K-Box Mini-CC350

K-Box Mini-CC350 is an intelligent driving system for all kinds of constant current LED lights. K-Box Mini-CC350 can control LED lights by both DMX and 0-10V signal. K-Box MiniCC-350 also provides very stable output current(350mA or 500mA can be selected by a switch) for accurate Light output. With its comprehensive self-protecting function, K-Box Mini-CC350 is also very reliable. Besides,K-Box Mini-CC350 can be installed conveniently in all kinds of places due to it’s small size.


  • DMX and 0-10V (Optional) dimming control function
  • Over load protection
  • Up to 12 channels output with 350mA or 500mA 
  • Distance between LED lights and K-Box Mini can be >50 meters (optional for 100 meters or more)
  • Small size for easy installation and maintenance
  • Non-Fan design to reach zero noise and keep the room quiet
  • Constant current output for LED lights
  • DMX dimming for LED lights
  • AC Input : 90-250 VAC, 46-63Hz
  • Input Current: 2.5A@115VAC, 1.2A@230VAC
  • Power Output: Max. at 204W
  • Output Current : 350mA or 500mA per channel*
  • Output Voltage: 2~48VDC per channel
  • Output Channels : up to 12 channels per box
  • Total Power : Max. at 204W
  • Size : L=331.6mm, W=171.2mm, T=72.2mm
  • Weight : 3kg
  • Protection : Open-circuit / short-circuit protection
  • Case Material : Steel box with Black powder painting
  • Customization is available for * items

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