DecoderMono ST

DecoderMono ST is an intelligent dimming driver for all kinds of constant current LED lights. DecoderMono ST can control LED lights by both DMX and 0-10V signal, and also accept manual dimming by a knob. DecoderMono ST provides maximum 15A current output for more connected lights. Besides, DecoderMono ST is a good fit for all kinds of space due to its small size.


  • Accept DMX and 0-10V signal control
  • Manual dimming control by local knob or DMX or 0-10V signal (selectable)
  • Maximum current output 15A, can be connected to more lights
  • Small size for easy installation and maintenance
  • Special design for excellent heat dissipation
  • Dimming driver for 12~24V LED lights
  • DC Input : 12-24VDC
  • Current Output : 15A Max.
  • Controlling Method : 1. By local knob   2. By input DMX signal   3. By input 0-10V signal
  • Size : L=75.2mm, W=47.2mm, T=22mm
  • Weight : 65g
  • Case Material : Aluminum box with black anodizing & white printing

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