Façade lighting is important to buildings

March 24, 2017

Professional façade lighting is a key component of the external appearance of hotels and restaurants. As an integral part of the façade, it highlights special features of the architecture without impairing them.

Classic lighting scenarios can be created of course, but also ultra-modern entertainment features such as dynamic colored LEDs, video walls, building contour lighting and even walls of water. Buildings can be turned into genuine landmarks. Unique lighting effects can create a 3D impression, give buildings their own character and make them popular attractions in the cityscape, both day and night. Intelligent sensors and controllers enable the systems to adapt to daylight brightness levels and create a lasting impression in all weathers.

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It is very important to reduce the weight

September 29, 2017

A low weight luminaire brings our customers a lot of benefits, such as :

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Aggregate to higher lumen

August 28, 2017

Sometimes, people need super high lumen luminaires (e.g., 50000 lm or even more) for spaces such as container terminal, stadium, high-roof factory, storage, construction site, etc…

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High Lumen ≠ High Glare

July 30, 2017

Glare is difficulty seeing in the presence of bright light. So, it is very important to have a low glare fixture, especially when the lumen is high.

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