MasterMono DMX

MasterMono DMX is an intelligent DMX dimming controller for all kinds of DMX LED lights and DMX drivers. MasterMono DMX provides accurate numbers of dimming level to users by its LED display, plus its multi-functional knob and DIP switches, users can control the dimming level easily and conveniently. Plus its small size, MasterMono DMX is always a good fit to all kinds of space.


  • Clear numbers of dimming level on LED display, from 0-100%
  • Auto screen saving mode is built in to the system
  • DMX signal can be controlled by both knob and DIP switch
  • Output to all DMX address (1~512) simultaneously
  • Accept 0-10V signal and convert into DMX signal
  • Compatible with many types of 0-10V signal
  • DMX signal output to LED lights or other DMX drivers
  • DMX controller for dimming
  • DC Input : 12-25VDC
  • Power Consumption : Max. at 0.7W
  • Dimming Function : DMX Signal output, from 0~100%, to all DMX address(1~512)
  • Controlling Method : 1. By multi-functional knob   2. By DIP switch   3. By input 0-10V signal
  • Size : L=99.1mm, W=119.8mm, T=49mm
  • Weight : 249g
  • Case Material : Aluminum box with black anodizing & white printing


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