KALAR is a professional LED architectural lighting brand which belongs to IOTENA TECHNOLOGY LIMITED (please refer to www.iotena.com for further information). KALAR has worked closely for more than 10 years with architects, lighting designers, electrical contractors, lighting contractors and interior designers on many successful projects. With this experience, we possess confidently design and manufacture specific and applicable products to fulfill the specific requirements with all types of lighting projects.

KALAR has two complementary business aspects:

1. Lighting Products – We design, manufacture and supply indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, lighting control systems, and power systems for advanced lighting projects.
2. ODM/OEM/Customization Service – We develop, manufacture and supply specialized products based on unique customers' requirement.

KALAR continues to use its’ extensive experience and knowledge to develop ever more excellent LED products for the architectural industry.
KALAR is dedicated to support global architects and designers to create projects that are genuine, authentic and heartwarming.

KALAR is able and keep to successfully conquer the most challenging lighting projects that stretch the limits!