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It is very important to reduce the weight

A low weight luminaire brings our customers a lot of benefits, such as :

1. easier during handling and installation, 2. safer after installation, 3. lower cost on shipping, 4. more green, etc.

To achieve low weight, every part needs to be carefully designed. Take KALAR high-bay series as an example, here are some works that have been done.

1. A compact and low weight extruded Aluminum heat sink is designed. It is strong but allowing air to flow through both vertically and horizontally, which increase heat exchanging capability.

2. Major body is built by a thin aluminum housing. It limits the light spillover side ways, and internally coated with high reflectivity material to minimize light loss.

3. A simple mounting frame to integrate driver, heat sink and housing.

4. A customized LENs holder which makes IP67 possible without adding too much weight.

By all these means, a high-bay with only 3.8KG, capable of dissipating 160 watt and deliver more than 17000lm is done.

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