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High Lumen ≠ High Glare

Glare is difficulty seeing in the presence of bright light. So, it is very important to have a low glare fixture, especially when the lumen is high. Low glare becomes very important for seeing the task clearly and for not hurting human eyes.

UGR (unified glare rating) is a measure of the glare in a given environment. For working space, the maximum UGR is 19, lower the UGR, more friendly the lighting environment to human eyes.

Especially in SSL, it is not easy to make a design with high lumen, high efficiency and yet low glare. To achieve this, KALAR High-Bay series deploy three optical parts for glare management. First of all, a curved glass lens is used to reduce direct glare. Second, a deep reflector is added to recess the luminance hot spot to further reduce glare. Third, an optional diffusive front cover can be added to modify the light pattern again.

In summary, KALAR High-Bay series presents very good UGR performance, ranged from 16~19 (compared to most market available products are in the average of 22~23). This high bay is the right choice for your big working space, which has high lumen, high efficiency and low glare.

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