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Aggregate to higher lumen

Sometimes, people need super high lumen luminaires (e.g., 50000 lm or even more) for spaces such as container terminal, stadium, high-roof factory, storage, construction site, etc… For SSL, it is actually quite difficult to make such high lumen fixtures without consequence. Often, it is either very expensive or lifetime is not satisfying, or taking long time to create one. To serve these needs practically, KALAR first design a high lumen luminaire with ultra low weight. For instance, KALAR High-Bay 150MD has more than 15000 lumen and weighted only 3.8kg. Then, a mounting gear is customized to assemble several high bays (2, 3, and 4 sets) together. This high-bay cluster only involves minimal design work and cost, and you get a super high lumen fixture (up to 70,000lm, <20kg) with known performance and quality.

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