PowerWasher RGBW4

PowerWasher RGBW4 is a reliable RGBW color changing LED lighting fixtures for wall-washing/projecting application. With CREE high-power RGBW LED packages, PowerWasher RGBW4 can generate all kinds of color effect. PowerWasher RGBW4 is designed for long lifetime and high efficiency to solve the problems in Architectural application. With its beautiful shape and variety colors, PowerWasher RGBW4 can always be a good fit to all kinds of buildings.


  • Using CREE high-end R/G/B/W 4 colors LED package for high performance
  • Allowing extremely long distance (>100 meters) between driver and light
  • Operation Temperature can be down to -40°C
  • Using Japan-made PCB for excellent thermal management and long life time
  • High uniformity (single bin) at light output and color
  • Multiple output angles for choosing
  • Wall-washing
  • Facade Lighting
  • Projection lighting
  • Back lighting
  • Decoration lighting
  • General lighting
Red Green Blue White
Power per LED Max. 2.6V Max. 0.91W Max. 3.6V Max. 1.26W Max. 3.5V Max. 1.225W Max. 3.5V Max. 1.225W
Brightness >744lm >1200lm >423lm >1488lm
  • Input Power : DC 350mA
  • Fixture Size : L=600mm*, W=60mm, H=40mm
  • LEDs Per Bar : 12 pcs*
  • LED Type : CREE High Power RGBW ceramic LED
  • LED Pitch : 50mm*
  • Output Angle : 15°/25°/50°
  • Case Color : Gun Metal, Black, Silver*
  • Protection : IP67
  • Customization is available for * items

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